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Resurfaced Slide

In this job we completely refinished and resurfaced a slide just like new.

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Grottos and Custom Waterfalls

Let us like add a serene waterfall or gorgeous custom planters of any color to compliment your landscape design.

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Artificial Rock Rehab & Pool Rework

Rehabilitated existing rock and slide finish and completed deco seal and acid wash on deck and pool area.

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The Rock Market

The Rock Market is Southern California's premier manufacturer of precast realistic rock formations and planters. We offer more than 60 rock castings, more than 30 rock panels, and planters in various shapes and sizes.

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Beautiful waterfalls

Let us like to turn your back patio into a beautiful oasis, with the sound of a serene waterfall or add gorgeous custom planters of any color to compliment plants.

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The Rock Market
9555 Hierba Rd.
Agua Dulce Ca 91390
(661) 212-7555

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Featured Products

Whether you love the look of rock in your landscape or want a backyard waterfall oasis, you can count on us to deliver quality and service at a great price!

  • The Sedona Waterfall Kit

    The Sedona Waterfall Kit

    This waterfall is perfect for spring and summer. Place over an existing swimming pool, or pond. 3 ft 7 piece- 7.5 ft wide x 3 ft deep x 3 ft tall. Call for pricing.

  • Boulder Rocks

    Boulder Rocks

    We manufacture all of our rock products and planters with the highest quality glass, fiber reinforced concrete and we offer delivery and installation.